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There is an abundance of spiders in Moreno Valley, Corona, Riveside and the Temecula, California area. With a great variety of species, spiders differ in their appearance and behavior. Most spiders are venomous since that is what they use to neutralize their prey. While deadly to insects, spider venom rarely presents any danger to humans. Only three spider species have venom strong enough to harm a human: the black widow, the brown widow, and the brown recluse spider. Even those spiders will not seek to attack and in most cases will just run away and try to hide.

Spiders are an important part of our ecosystem and help keep insect populations down. However, if spiders start showing up in great numbers on your property, it is time to call pest control. To reduce the risk of spider infestations, take measures to make your property less attractive to spiders. Seal crack and crevices in the buildings and install door and window screens. Keeping the grass around the house short and the yard clear of debris is also important. A clear, sun-exposed area around your home will greatly reduce the rise of any pest infestation.

Spider Problems in the Moreno Valley area

As different types of spider infestations require a different approach to extermination, call a pest control professional for evaluation and suggestions.

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